Guide to summer in the 4 Valleys, Switzerland

Ahhh summer in the mountains. Fresh air, glorious alpine views, comfortable temperatures and the great outdoors on your doorstep. Discover why you should skip the annual beach holiday and head to the 4 Valleys (4 Vallées), Switzerland this summer.

Idyllic scenery

If you long for a break away from the busyness and crowds of city life, a trip to the mountains is the best tonic. The scenery in the 4 Valleys, high above the Rhone Valley in Switzerland, is some of the most spectacular in the world. Imagine standing atop the majestic Mont-Fort at 3000m with emerald pine forest glades, blankets of flowering meadows, and miniature log cabins away in the distance. Not a sound, except the birds and the whisper of the cooling wind. Do you feel the tension in your shoulders ebb away?

Comfortable climate

We’re not all interested in frying our bodies on the beach every summer. Summer temperatures in the 4 Valleys average between 19º and a comfortable 28º, although in July and August it can hit the early 30s. However, its an ideal season to explore this beautiful region.

The scenery makes outdoor pursuit activities a pleasure, but you also get to visit some of the Valais attractions, which are somewhat less accessible in the winter months: the Abbey and Fairy Grotto Cave at Saint Maurice, the Trient and Durnand Gorges, Valere and Tourbillon castles and the underground lake at St Leonard. Or head up to the Observatory of Saint-Luc to view a million stars in the clear mountain night sky.

The climate can be changeable, although generally dry. We’ll update you on the latest forecast before you arrive for your stay.

Hiking and rock climbing in the 4 Valleys

The 4 Vallées provides an idyllic backdrop for walking and hiking holidays. The pastures of the lower valleys are shot with glittering streams where the Hérens cows happily graze. You can catch a lift up to the higher mountain pastures for more advanced hiking routes. Don’t miss the hiking trails of the Bisses where you’ll pass by the meandering ancient waterways, the purest resource that has served the region’s population for many centuries.

There are route maps available at the tourist office in Nendaz, or ask us to recommend our favourite walking routes when you arrive. We’ll also brief you on the equipment you’ll need based on how advanced you enjoy your hike.

If your passion is rock climbing, the ascent to the summit of Pierre Avoi is highly recommended. The north west face climb is difficult but affords incredible views to the Rhone Valley from the 170m limestone tower. You can access the climb from neighbouring Verbier and on the Savoleyres cable car. There are climbing schools in the region which organise climbing routes for all levels.


There are plenty of cycling circuits for both mountain bikers and road cyclists around the 4 Valleys. The clean air and long sunny days make this an ideal destination for summer cycling holidays in the mountains.

The Tour du Mont Fort, Grand Raid and Tour de la Printze are superb routes for mountain bike enthusiasts. Or head up to Verbier-LaTzoumaz Bike Park where hundreds of kilometres of planned downhill and cross country trails spread out before you.

Horse Riding

The setting of the 4 Valleys makes for a spectacular and unforgettable horse riding experience. The breathtaking views and alpine pastures can be enjoyed by beginners and more confident riders. There is a horse riding ranch just 30 minutes from Chalet Altitude 1600 who organise treks and pony riding walks. We are happy to book your horse riding trip for you.

Spa & Relax

Hey, all I want to do is relax on my holiday! If those knots have started tensing up again. Stop. Rewind. There are plenty of relaxing activities for summer slumming: tennis, wine tasting, golf, high altitude fishing, lake cruising at Léman, or just head to the Spa in Nendaz village for a day of pampering; lunch and apres-summer fun.


Nendaz organises year-round activities for children. The Nendaz tourism site has a full agenda of the year’s events.

And if you think you have to go to the beach to swim, then think again. There is an outdoor pool in the village, a huge Aqua Park at Bouveret, or for a more natural experience, head off to the wonderful hot springs at Saillon.

There are a couple of theme parks an easy drive away. Labyrinth at Evionnaz has the largest maze in the world. A whole day to get lost! Or Happyland, which is situated between Sion and Sierre.

Our Recommendations

Experience sunrise on Mont Fort: Between 7th July and 18th August you can take trip up Mont Fort to watch the spectacular sunrise and then enjoy breakfast at 3000m. A humbling experience indeed.

Alpine paragliding: Paragliding isn’t for everybody, but if you have a head for heights, paragliding the 4 Valleés will be an experience you’ll never forget. The scenery of Thyons and Val d’Hérens is unsurpassable.

Wine tasting: The Swiss might not be revered as their French and Italian neighbours when it comes to wine production, yet some of the finest wines are produced in Switzerland. Enjoy a visit to one of the local vineyards, wine tasting and learn about the production.

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